Dear Teachers,
Learning is the pathway to success.
The next generation kids are highly pro-active and gadget oriented who may live mechanical life with no meaning. The meaning of life may miss in their living context itself. We as teachers has a challenging task ahead to mold the generation and preserve the sovereignty of humanitarian by uplifting the kids through handholding them. Students are living in different world nowadays who are getting deviated themselves from emotions, love, care and empathy towards others. The teachers play a major role to bind the students with their teaching, behavioral perspectives and molding as real humans not gadgets. The students should be taught that life is not marks or gaining positions but gaining respect through knowledge which upholds all above. The transition from book level of teaching should be par enough to relate with real world examples to help and make think with small level innovations. They should be taught to meet the purpose and need of the society. Students only see the perspective of earning degree but beyond that hardship, sincerity and punctuality makes a true leader need to be taught. Becoming knowledgeable and imbibing in life leads to success. Experiential and experimental learning is the only path way to success for the next generation to set up their own small-scale industries as entrepreneurs. Creative ideas of the students need to be encouraged and support to develop prototypes to meet societal needs need to be exercised along with their studies. This will make the next generation independent in their thoughts and provide technological models to support need of the needy. The subjects need to be correlated through pitching student ideas towards technological developments.
Teachers can only be the supportive mechanism and pillar to lead the students towards better society and this can happen only through continuous learning and imbibing the learning aspects in the students.

Dr. K.R.M. Vijaya Chandrakala,
Associate Professor – EEE Dept.,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham