Teaching is tagged to be a divine profession, but that does not make the job of a teacher any easier. With the weight of responsibility of the future generation on their shoulders, teachers probably have one of the hardest works in this world, not in terms of physical, but in terms of emotional and spiritual. With robots quickly covering the gap when it comes to advanced qualities that a teacher should have; the question is imminent. Will robots replace teachers? Or will the role of AI be limited to assisting teachers and making the process of teaching children easier, more vivid and interesting. Here’s more:

Robots will know more, but sometimes teachers will have to improvise

Only at first glance, the teacher’s work seems simple, you just need to know the topic and talk about it. But in reality, this is not at all the case, just to tell is never enough for children, they are all very different, they understand differently, they think differently, they are interested in different things, and therefore each has a different approach. And no teacher can just tell once and leave, they will try to convey this topic to everyone. They will come up with different cases from life, invent stories where they can show the application of this topic. Teachers have to improvise a lot, think, and over how best to bring a lesson to children. Of course, robots will know much more, they will know absolutely everything, they are trained for this, but to bring the material in the way real people do, they will not be able.

The teacher is not just a man from school

Usually, most teachers become very close to the students. And of course, this happens for a reason, children spend a lot of time with them, talk on various topics, teachers will always support and help. Many children are ready to entrust them even their secrets, which they do not even tell their parents. Robots with this will be harder, they will not have these human qualities of compassion and love. Of course, children will be interested in them, robots know everything, they can do everything, you can play with them, but they cannot become as emotionally relatable as real people.

University lectures

Robots will be able to replace lecturers. There everything happens in a completely different way as it happens in schools, in lectures lecturers just have to tell the material. And here the use of robots can be even better, they can give out a lot more material, give more arguments, and carry out activities without getting tired. But again, it’s worth noting that most lecturers teach the material unusually, improvise and add their own stories, which makes the classes more interesting. Therefore, replacing these lecturers may not be so easy. But in any case, it would be interesting to see how Artificial Intelligence would talk about Artificial Intelligence that creates Artificial Intelligence.

Teachers’ assistant

But to become an assistant teacher artificial intelligence can definitely become and this is the most correct way. How much time teachers spend checking homework and preparing materials for the next lessons? A crazy amount. For Artificial Intelligence it would not be so difficult. But how much time will be released from the teacher and this time he will be able to devote to his students and of course this will bring these students to a new level. Also, AI able to analyze data on each student in particulate, AI takes into account the details a human teacher could fail to notice. AI is able to provide data-based predictions of student’s identify gaps in knowledge, highlight strengths and weaknesses and suggest where extra tutoring would be of help. So that such an assistant will greatly increase the ability of the teacher.

Startups have already started to create an AI robot that can become a teacher assistant. Hopefully, education will reach a completely new level and it will become even more interesting for children to learn and they will gain much more knowledge through the cooperation of technology and man.

(This is a slightly modified version of an article originally published in Medium. The original article can be found at https://medium.com/@mrcrambo/ai-will-never-be-able-to-replace-teachers-394b4458394f)