Value systems are those that are ingrained in one’s blood and spirit. Some of these get carried forward generation after generation. A behaviour or a characteristic, gets labelled as a value system, only when it has stood the test of time and stands authenticated by respected individuals and as a society at large. However, with changing times, value systems also tend to dilute. What was considered to be a value system, a few decades back are no longer so today. But that does not mean that it is not a value system any longer. It's just that time has diluted it owing to several social factors. Therefore, irrespective of its genesis, a value system is something very personal. What one considers a value system, may not be the same for others.

For example, being Vegan could be a great value system for a particular individual, but may not be applicable in a different culture or society. Irrespective, a value system becomes very sacred and important in one’s life based upon one’s own strong belief in the value it brings to one’s life. It becomes something that will never ever be compromised, whatever the situation may be. Even in the event of a life and death situation. While in its extreme, it may sound dogmatic, it is indeed a non-comprisable part of an individual. That’s when it becomes a value system. Therefore, for one to imbibe a value system, I would consider these three important aspects

At a glance

1. A strong belief that it is good for oneself.

2. A powerful conviction that it cannot be compromised.

3. An unwavering commitment to uphold it.

This is what it takes to have a value system.