Being a Principal, doing multi-tasking chores is it not possible to spare to admire and acquire? I wonder what made Chacha Nehru to get attracted towards children. Their charm or smartness? No answer from me. But I have very good memories which made me to learn a lot from the little ones.

Fear Not, be bold enough to express your views- No hesitation to express and share their views to their elders authentically.

Never give up. Try, try until you become perfect – The little hands dance on the colouring sheet with keen focus to get it done with perfection.

Empathy- miracle making magical word. Small comfort gesture we show to them make them surrender totally.

Students, the younger generation are the source bank of advanced technology. They are the motivating factors many a time for me to keep myself energetic. There are lot of instances which I could share to give credit to students. Individual attention from the teachers, appreciation note as small credit, space to do peer engagement that makes them happy. I vow to make my students feel happy throughout their lifetime.