Spelling the word ‘Education’ – people expect – one more Socrates another Einstein, next Ramanujam, re-born Thiruvalluvar, new Shakespeare and what not! To be manufactured in the educational system. There was a peak time in the early ’20s where people made their children locked in the harness to compete in the mad race of grades and honours. They fail to remember that ‘G’ is for Growth and not for Grades. As time went by, this attitude slowly waned in their minds. But now, the world is undergoing a million changes in a fraction of a second. Education should develop the skills necessary to earn the living and act as a key to a prosperous society. Many think that the education system should enrich the children so that they should be able to work in selected foreign nations, a hand full of salary, to meet all the domains in life with comfort and luxury and to accustom the desired social change. But the important thing is that all these prosperous processes should be accomplished only by the teachers – I am sorry now they are baptized as “Facilitators”. People’s expectations have not only changed the educational system but also the methodology of teaching, because of it the generations lose the real lingering essence of education. The real educational system can be successful only when it goes together with the triangular bond, Parent-Teacher-Student. Most of the parents neglect their responsibility of nurturing their young saplings. They dump their wards in rooms called “private tuition centres”. Everything should be trained and taught at school itself. Because of this, teachers have become machines to manufacture products - that too - successful products of human generations. True education transmits cultural heritage and society’s values such as honesty, trust, concern for others, good citizenship-cleanliness, respect of elders, punctuality, and discipline from one generation to the next. Let us hope for a new education system that manufactures true human beings.