Being inquisitive is one common factor we see in all students.  Their inquisitive minds make you realize that driving independent thought is important, and we should all question things more.

Children's dreams are limitless, they dream of becoming anything and everything under the sky, never limit themselves. This helps us teachers realize; it would do us all good to chase our passions the way they do!

Children make you realize that you need to stop and smell the roses once in a while, otherwise you’ll miss out on so much! When they share the little joys that they have at home, with friends and pets.

These super dynamic kids have this matchless attitude of letting go by forgiving and forgetting any misconceptions/misunderstandings and keeping their heads up high and walking as if they rule the world.

Their friendship is something they should be awarded for. The term friendship means a lot to them and they treasure it like a beautiful flower garden. The more you see them, the more you don't want to leave them.

Every day is not a day to be cherished but everyone has someone in their life to cheer them up. That someone can be a pet or grandma or a friend or mom. But for me, it's the children around me. The positivity, the honesty and the feeling of being cared for unconditionally, is just too overwhelming. By the Grace of God, I really got to learn so much from them.