We are supposed to create and maintain a better balance for the student to become talented young, energetic and young minds. You dedicate an endless number of hours to teaching today’s students, but how often do you feel as if you don’t spend enough time with your children & family, this creates more stress in your mind sometimes. To relive from this stuff, there are a few ways to refocus and recharge your mind and balance your personal life and teaching. Getting your classroom well organized and making it a flexible environment can make your students enjoy your session. Regular practice of entering a classroom paperless & remember you are a teacher a new creator and the passion of teaching are nevertheless ending. Try using more innovative strategies and tools to teach the students which do not only increase students' attention but also help you innovate new ideas. Carve up the necessary time for your passion as well as your family.

Now is a great opportunity, make the utmost use of time, enjoy every moment of teaching and reduce your stress. Keep yourself updated every time. A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but due to its persistence. It’s that time of year again and a time of course for teachers to relax and recharge. May the New Year bring happiness to all.