There can be project phases, each with its own agenda:

Initiation, planning, implementation and finalization.

The key success of the project depends upon:

Chosen Topic where we need to explore, gather background information and find leads on the topic.

The Objectives and the Deliverables to be clear and understandable to the receiver.

In-depth concept Knowledge and Creativity to execute the project as planned.

Time management to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Fixing a deadline enables to measure performance and to check everything have been implemented as planned.

Effective communication about the project plans and to build a team work to perform the required tasks

Brain storm to get innovative ideas by providing optimum opportunities to the team members which helps to build- in their confidence level.

The following is the PDCA cycle which is used to measure the systematic flow of process.

PDCA stands for “Plan Do Check Act “

PLAN: Think - “Need to think about the right topic”

DO: Implement- “Need to execute the project where vision and plans become reality”

CHECK: Whether right -” Need to check if any amendments to be made”

ACT: Review and Learn-” Need to analyse everything on track”