“Exam” is a word that every student detests. A lot goes on in a student’s mind as exams approach and exam stress is predominant. One experiences exam stress due to the fear of not achieving the goals set by oneself or parents. At times, a lack of preparation can rattle a student and result in underperformance. Self-induced exam stress can be coped with different strategies and techniques but starting with changing one’s mindset can reduce exam stress to a great extent. The exam should be viewed as a report that shows the area one should work on without stressing over scoring more than the other students. With this mindset, unrealistic goals are scratched off and students begin to see themselves as their competition.

A well-framed study schedule that is followed religiously will avoid exam stress. To prevent stress from last-minute preparation, complex and less familiar topics can be placed at the beginning of the schedule and the simple ones at last. A short recess in the schedule will break the monotony and propel one to study effectively. The time-tested method of studying on the very same day a concept is taught will motivate the students to approach exams to stress free. During the preparation, it is also important to balance the scale of food and sleep. Extra weight on any side of the scale will topple the entire schedule and build up stress due to ailments.

A committed study buddy will be helpful to motivate and check if one is still on track. Having a study buddy also paves the way to share about one’s stress and resolve it. If exams are seen only as opportunities to hone one’s skills, then there is no question of stress. Happy learning!