There is a great deal of knowing the vital skills on managing the exam time. Not all who come out from examination Hall are self-congratulatory about how well, they utilized the exam time for scoring more. There is often a feeling of regret, self-disgust and the feeling of bitterness on how the students failed miserably for not making the use of exam time correctly. Remember, year of long preparation and practice are tested in three hours in the examination hall.

Board question paper pattern has undergone phenomenal changes in the recent years. It continues to bring more changes in the years to come. Questions of Higher Order Thinking Skills, Multiple Choice Questions, Case Study & Ascertain Questions, Tricky Questions are some of its kinds. Make sure you stay calm when you receive the question paper. A short prayer to God Almighty gives you confidence and drives away your stress, anxiety and all apprehension.

Get yourself focused on all the questions during the reading time. Based on priorities, choose easy questions from all sections. All the easy questions can be answered quickly. Although each question is corrected wherever you answer and their marks are transported to title page, frequent change in choosing question order may give you confusion.

Baring few challenging questions, questions of a particular section can be answered in sequence, leaving some space for adding points later if needed. There is always a complaint that the students spend their precious time on questions, carrying fewer marks and find lack of time to answer important and long answers questions that need to be avoided. Frequent time check, every thirty minutes will ensure the progress of your answer and speed. You can have proper time division.

Questions that require more sequence, data, and diagram need more time management. Students undergo nightmarish experience in exams like Mathematics, Physics. They should not press the panic button. Getting acquainted with exam pattern strategy will give one right approach to attempt all challenging questions. Proper practice helps a student to avoid silly mistakes. So, students should not commit such mistakes when they develop steps and sequences.

Memorization of formulas and equations create more confidence to work on problems. In theory papers like Social Science, the students are required to provide key points to the sense if questions. In language papers, students are expected to follow word limit, quality description, style, accuracy, etc.

Going through marking scheme certainly gives a student more clarity not only to accurate answers but also gives one better time management. For heaven's sake don’t split your long answer or it’s parts in different pages. In all, students need self-trust and confidence. Such positivity gives a fantastic hope that you can do more than you can actually do. Just believe in yourself. Good Luck for your upcoming Exams!