The concept of online exams might be new and a bewildering experience for many students. Students may be unaware of certain skills and strategies that will enable them to perform at their best. Online exam is quite similar to that of an in-class test; however, the online environment does involve some differences that require a bit of extra awareness and preparation. A student should be aware of the important details related to the exam. Some common guidelines include specific date and time, the window of exam time, duration of the exam, parameters of the test (multiple choice question, case analysis, fill-in-the-blank or essay) and any other important instructions related to the exam. Like any other exam, you need to be thorough with the study material even if it’s an ‘open book’ exam. Many students assume that online exams are a cakewalk because of access to textbooks, notes or other resources while taking the exam. But students should know that they will get no time to look at the notes. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the course content. Time management is extremely essential for any individual to succeed. Judicious use of time is possible if you develop a study plan and allocate the right time for the right activity. Being strategic in your attempt for writing the exam always pays. Sections of the paper to be attempted first, to be keep for later should be pre-determined. This helps in time-management and gives the candidate a sense of confidence and comfort. Technical glitches do not come with warning. It can occur anytime to anyone. Be calm and do not panic. Take the necessary steps to look for help. Panicking never helps, right actions at right time will always help the students to succeed in the Online Exam.