Teacher training is a continuous process, which usually has two categories to it. The first category is where the coursework is assigned to the students for the academic year. It generally covers the content, methods, and psychology. The second category usually comes to practical learning and modelling. Here, the theoretical knowledge is well trained and shown through well-equipped laboratories.

Teacher training is important for the teacher’s career development and many other reasons. Firstly, a fresh teacher who comes to teach for the first time might not be very confident to handle all sorts of students. They might have a huge knowledge about their particular subject but most of the freshers or in some cases even experienced teachers may fail to express themselves. If a teacher lacks the art of explanation or doesn’t convey their knowledge, they can’t convince the student and they fail as a teacher. Students will start losing interest in their class. Thus, rather than being a positive asset of the student’s life, the students start hating the subject and the fresher teacher.

Secondly, teaching should be a passion rather than a task of giving long lectures, notes or homework. Teachers should be trained to have effective class management skills. A teacher should be trained to maintain a good control over their class. For example, in the classroom, the teacher should interact in a way that students are quiet when needed, ask questions when prompted and pay attention to the lecture. Students must be able to connect and devote their entire concentration to the teacher’s words. This kind of environment will make students learn the topics deeper. Thus, it’ll create a productive classroom atmosphere.

Teacher training is a never-ending process. It is not something to be stopped after the recruitment of a teacher in any institution. A teacher’s job needs continuous learning. A teacher teaches what they learn and it is an infinite and continuous process. The training of teachers should be conducted from time to time between their usual schedules. They should be well trained in newer technologies so that they can apply the same in teaching their students. Sometimes, the teaching pattern used for longer periods bore the students. Hence, teachers should be trained to focus on adapting different and interesting teaching strategies and mediums. Training sessions should thus help the teachers learn or create new teaching strategies and apply blended learning which will bring back the interest of students in the classrooms and encourage effective education.

Another important area to focus on is the application of topics learned by students. This will help students in the real world because theoretical learning will help them in gaining marks, but practical learning will help them to understand concepts.

Researches and studies have shown that students show much more interest in the classes when teachers manage a class interactively. This produces better education outcomes when compared to the situation where the teacher is not effective at classroom management, communication and expression.