Learning indeed is understanding new things in a billion ways, yet doing things in the best possible way. According to U.N., there are four pillars of education- ‘learning to know’, ‘learning to do’, ‘learning to live together and ‘learning to be. Being the founder of an educational institution, we are committed to the development of a child as a whole with an emphasis on life skills along with academics.

Each child needs knowledge as well as wisdom. Knowledge comes from books and wisdom originates from the inside. The action also is very important as it helps in the development of wisdom. When both the roots are strong then education gives the complete concept of education. For true education, the existence of deep desire, determination, parents and students' participation is a must. Our vision is to sow the seed of the above-mentioned true education in developing young children.

With our great aspiration and sincere efforts, it is the moment of pride for Universal Public school for achieving such an outstanding CBSE result for the academic session 2020-21. Our students have come up with flying colours as always and even during this hard-hitting time of COVID. I want to give my heartiest congratulations and blessings and to our toppers Aniket Kumar of science stream with 98.8%, Akshita Gangopadhyay of commerce stream with 98.4% and Preshika Sharma of humanities stream with 97.6%, Highest PCM, Aniket Kumar- 99.7%, Highest PCB, Aashi Singhal - 97.3%. 100% achievers Aniket Kumar for Mathematics and Chemistry and Prachi Priyamvada for Engg. Drawing gives me yet another privileged moment. Topper of class Xth   Sarthak Kumar Chourasia securing 99.20% makes me feel delighted and it gives me a sense of vanity towards my teachers, students and of course the parents without whose support and cooperation this would never be possible. I continue to expect such brilliant achievement over the years to come with the joint efforts of the school, management, teachers, students and parents at large.