Problem solving in crisis time through creativity

This pandemic has created an era of challenges and complex problems all around, but it also gave rise to creative reformations. It has encouraged educational institutions to take up creative leadership. Creative ideas are not often of one person, but of team. Such leaders collect creativity from others and create a pool that inspires others.

Paving way to outcome based learning in the future

With the new education policy, education has to be seen in a new light. Especially with the emphasis on outcome-based learning, the pedagogy and the content are no longer in the limelight. For students, teachers should look at their learning ability and not be in a hurry to get finished with study portions and the syllabus as has been the norm so far.

Ways to embrace creativity

In this pandemic situation, no other profession had to go through as much brainstorming as the teaching community underwent. They made the educational sector proud by pushing their boundaries and getting creative with teaching. Teachers needs to constantly imagine new possibilities instead of being dictated by others and need intuition and intellect to be creative. Role of creative leader is not to have all the ideas but create and encourage a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel their ideas are valued

Character building in students through school system

While there shall be lots of challenges in implementation of NEP 2020, the most important thing is that the teachers should be able to instil values in children. The children must have a sense of belongingness about their nation, flag but not by politicizing the nation and its representations. They should be taught that service to the country will leave their signature for a lifetime. This feeling must be instilled by both parents and school. The children should be made to feel proud about being part of any social commitment, see and address the needy and protect the environment and public property.