Teaching has a lot of advantages.

Here are a few reasons why you might consider teaching:

Make a good difference

Assist your pupils in growing, learning, and having a good impact on future generations. All vocations begin with an education, and schools are at the core of our communities.

Be a role model

Teachers can proudly stand up and be seen as respected leaders in their community. Teachers come from diverse backgrounds and experiences to inspire and support young people.

Embrace a balanced lifestyle

The teacher lifestyle provides many perks, including flexibility to work close to where you live, guaranteed holidays, and time to spend with your own kids (if and when you have them!). There’s also support for flexible work practices and varied employment options including permanent, temporary and casual roles.

Have variety in your career

Teaching offers a diverse career, where the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to stay in the classroom or progress into leadership roles, teach across Queensland and the world, continue to build on your skills, and add new subjects along the way – you’ll be able to find something that suits you.

Join the school community

Teachers are a familiar and valued member of the school community, which can sometimes feel more like an extended family!

Share your passion

Turn your passion or particular interest into a career by sharing it with others. You can teach a wide variety of subjects in science, health, arts, humanities, business, and many more. Your passion might even be considered a high demand teaching area.

Enjoy the rewards and financial incentives

Teachers have one of the highest starting salaries world-over. There are scholarships available while you study and financial, personal and professional benefits if you teach in high priority rural and remote locations.

Teachers in the community

A teacher's responsibilities extend beyond the classroom and into the school community, where they help to create and maintain a positive learning environment. Teachers help with school planning and objectives, events, and resource creation.

When we were in school, we all sat in classes and saw instructors, but do you truly understand what a teacher does? While it's a common misconception that teachers only work from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and have many more weeks off than other professions, teaching is a demanding career that extends beyond the classroom.

Teaching is an exciting and fulfilling job that allows you to make a difference in the lives of students by providing high-quality education. A teacher's job is never dull or monotonous, and it entails the following duties:

(This is a slightly modified version of an article originally published in Teach Queensland. The original article can be found at https://teach.qld.gov.au/become-a-teacher/why-teaching-is-a-rewarding-career.)