The media had lots of information on the prevention of COVID and the necessary precautions to be taken, but the scare was deep down in our hearts. With all the support of every single person who fought to irradicate COVID, we are still alive.

Keeping in mind the future of our children whose education was a mess with all sorts of confusion and hindrance to get back to the normal school life was a nightmare. Little did the online classes help each other both teachers and students had a tough time. Finally when we decided to open the schools, with utmost care and anxiety the support from parents was my strength to continue the offline classes no matter what may come.

At KINGSTON, with the continuous support from my teaching and non-teaching family members, we planned for some real fun activities for our children rather than forcing them into academics. I could see them lifeless with no enthusiasm to even make themselves present on the campus; Teachers did face a challenge to pull them back to this daily routine of school life.

My perspective for the year 2022 towards schooling is focused on what my children have lost in the pandemic. We are more luminous on conducting our annual sports meet, our school cultural program and piled up extra-curricular activities, which my children will LOVE TO DO! Our campus has nature’s beauty at its best, which will allow our children to explore by organizing NATURE CAMPS, TRACKING etc.; AFTER ALL, SCHOOL IS THE BEST PLACE TO EVOLVE YOURSELF! Keeping our school MOTTO

Joining hands with my Teachers, Kingston Team and my supporting parents and eagerly awaiting a Safe year ahead.