Speed is the ability to execute movement quickly. It is the quickness of movement of the limbs. It is the ability to execute motor action under the given condition in the minimum possible time. Factors determining speed are mobility of the nervous system (CNS), explosive strength (speed and strength), technique, biochemical reserves and metabolic power, flexibility and mobility, psychic factors (anxiety, fear, and stress) and ageing.

So, first, the athlete should consider all inherent qualities of speed. Then they should consider the training to develop speed abilities that play a very important role. For speed, we need reaction ability, acceleration ability, locomotor ability, movement speed and speed endurance. To develop speed we need training for the following ability.

Speed training should aim to develop the following abilities:

1) Reaction ability: By reaction games drills.

2) Acceleration ability: By direct and indirectly short sprints. Sprinters achieve their maximum speed in about 5-6secs.

3) Locomotor ability: Ability to maintain a maximum speed of locomotor for maximum duration possible.

4) Movement speed: In speed, a maximum speed of contraction of muscle or chain of muscle in a single course of movement.

5) Speed endurance: Ability to perform the motor movement as quickly as possible under conditions of fatigue.