The reopening of schools was overwhelming for both children and parents. The pandemic-effected period of 19 months has undoubtedly produced a significant learning gap, with students being confined to their homes with virtual learning that no longer piqued their interest.

Because they have no prior experience of learning in a school setting, the younger children have been the most negatively impacted, and their overall development has deteriorated. The high level of teacher impact in the lives of students has returned. On a daily level, the teacher has the ability to excite, inspire, and support students. The goal of the reopening of the school was to bring zing to your classroom routine.

The looming omicron wave has sent the schools into a frenzy. 2022 cannot be another year of learning disruptions. It must be the year, and it must be in the best interests of the children. Even as the omicron variety spreads, school shutdown must be a last choice. The education sector has been struck the worst, with children's academic, social, and mental skills being harmed. We have gone for a loss at the moment, cross our fingers, and act accordingly, and things can be moved forward under careful monitoring and surveillance.