Exams should no longer be the exclusive means of evaluating a student's abilities, now more than ever. As a result, experts say that cancelling the CBSE X examination will speed up the introduction of a 360-degree assessment methodology. Schools should guarantee that assessments are conducted in light of pupils' previous performance and track records. Experts recommend that teachers keep a careful eye on past work to verify that the marking is accurate.

If the other assessments are removed from the equation and the curriculum is made universal, Common Entrance examinations will assure the much-needed uniformity in the system. Students might sit for a common examination at a moment where all of the country's educational systems are compared to find the proper balance.

Apart from engineering and medicine, all streams can engage in healthy conversations and thought-provoking activities to help guide students and preserve student quality. Experts also recommend that access to pupils' past records aid in skill evaluation.

All markings should be supported by a reason based on previous performance, extra-curricular activity record, and improvement graph to ensure that the assessment is done properly. As a result, analysts predict that students in the 12th grade will breeze through admissions if their grades are on par.

Diplomas allow students to enter laterally into B.Tech courses, according to AIGC/UGC regulations. Experts argue that if future engineers are to be problem solvers, they should go through a predetermined process of balancing academic and practical knowledge, for which a course-specific engineering degree may be more useful than a diploma.

Online education cannot be considered a new standard for the development of soft skills. Experts agree that promoting soft and living skills in pupils cannot be done just through online means, and that active live education is required.

Is canceling CBSE Examinations a Prudent decision and what changes can be expected?

Assessing the competencies of students should not be limited to just examinations, now more so than ever. Hence, cancelling of XII examinations will promote a faster implementation of a 360-degree assessment model, mention experts.

How will Schools come to parity in terms of assessment?

Schools should ensure that assessments have to be taken place keeping in mind the previous track records and performances of students. Teachers should closely monitor previous performance to ensure the marking is on point, add experts.

How Effective is Common Entrance Examination?

Common Entrance examinations will ensure uniformity that was much needed in the system provided the other examinations are taken out of the picture and the curriculum is made universal. Students can appear for a common examination at a point where all educational systems in the country are equated to strike the right balance.

How Universities can assess Commerce and Arts Students?

To ensure that student quality is maintained, all streams apart from engineering and medical, can practise healthy discussions and thought-provoking activities to help guide students. Also, access to historical records of students should help in assessment of skills, suggest experts.

How to overcome the Challenges faced by 12th standard Students?

To ensure that the assessment is done adequately, all markings should be backed with a rationale based on previous performance, extra-curricular activity record and improvement graph. Hence, 12th standard students will smoothly sail towards admissions provided their performance has been at par, add experts.

Is Diploma Before Degree In Engineering a Good Bet?

As regulated by AIGC/UGC, diploma enables students to get lateral entry into B.Tech courses. But as future engineers are to be solution finders, it should go through a set process of balancing between acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge for which a course-specific engineering degree might come in handier than a diploma, suggest experts.

Is it Possible to Develop Soft Skills through Online Education?

For developing soft skills, online education cannot be completely tagged as a new norm. Promoting soft and life skills in students cannot be exclusively an online process and will need active live education, conclude experts.