With the pandemic disrupting normal education, it is recommended that students be allowed to enrol in their preferred graduating courses after passing a single admission exam. All universities should develop an admissions strategy that assures that the majority of applicants are not discriminated against in graduate admissions.

Owing to the cancellation of the board exams, students are now faced with a challenging scenario in determining how to gain admission to the colleges of their choosing. All universities should implement a new evaluation strategy and practise a system of rating students based on their previous performance.

All universities and professors should ensure that the new technique of assessment is applied in such a way that all students receive a fair assessment. Admissions can be handled in such a way that the majority of students get what they want and are not harmed by exam cancellations.

With universities anticipating the delay in admissions, teachers and institutions may prepare ahead on how to best utilise time for students while also ensuring that the quality of education they receive is not compromised as a result of the late start of classes.

It is critical for residential campuses like Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to guarantee that all students travel safely, are vaccinated, and that large gathering is avoided at all costs. The university will also need to plan ahead of time for a new type of blended learning to guarantee that students obtain the finest education possible under the conditions.

Amity University also intends to follow all pandemic SOPs to safeguard everyone's safety. Given that the circumstances for tomorrow are unpredictable, following the SOPs from the beginning is the way to go.

Students will be decentralised at Delhi University and broken up into subsets after the admissions process is completed to guarantee that all SOPs related to pandemic precautions are performed. The institution will design its schedule around the priority order of students waiting to complete their practical courses on campus.

It is critical to guarantee that students are not hampered by financial constraints or other pandemic implications. This can be accomplished by ensuring that merit admissions and scholarships are established and implemented in light of the current circumstances.

Admission of students based on proposed common entrance test for universities

With the pandemic causing a break from normal education, it is advised to allow students to enter into the graduation courses of their choice with a single entrance test. All universities should come up with an admission protocol that ensures that majority of students don't stand at a disadvantage when it comes to graduate admissions.

Cancellation of exam and anxiety in students

With the board exams getting cancelled, students are now facing a dynamic situation of how to enter universities of their choice. All universities should ensure that they practice a system of evaluating students based on their previous performance and deploy a new assessment strategy.

CBSE new criteria on evaluation

All universities and teachers should ensure that the new method of evaluation is implemented in a way that it offers a just evaluation to all students. Admissions can be done in a way that most students get what they desire to achieve and are not impacted by the cancellation of examinations.

How to tackle delayed admission problems?

With universities already anticipating the delay in admissions, teachers and institutions can plan ahead on how to utilise time for students effectively while also ensuring that the education they receive does not compromise owing to the lateness of course start.

SOP for post-COVID campus Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

For residential campuses like Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, it is essential to ensure that all students travel in a safe manner, are vaccinated and gatherings are avoided at all costs. The university will also need to prepare for a new way of blended learning in advance to ensure that the students receive the best education possible in the available circumstances.

SOP for post-COVID campus Amity University

Amity University also plans to adhere to all pandemic SOPs to ensure the safety of all concerned. Following the SOPs right from the start is the way ahead, given that the situation for tomorrow is not predictable.

SOP for post-COVID campus Delhi University

After the completion of the admission process, students at Delhi University will get decentralised and broken up into subsets to ensure that all SOPs that relate to the pandemic measures are completed. The university will keep in mind the priority order of students waiting to complete their practical courses at the campus and plan the schedule accordingly.

What should students who took a year gap by force do?

To ensure that students are not being hindered by economic reasons is essential. This can be done by ensuring scholarships and merit admissions are planned and carried out keeping in mind the existing conditions.