The Chairman of Career Competency Development at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Prof. Methil Krish is an excellent marketing strategist, motivational speaker, and educator trainer. He holds a master's degree in Economics and Executive MBA. He gained vast experience in marketing and sales with top MNCs including Proctor & Gamble, MRF Tyres and TVS Tyres, before he decided to shift to the educational sector at the age of 49. He started conducting training sessions for students across India to boost their confidence and speaking skills while also sharing his knowledge in the business field. And, in 2009, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham recruited him to make use of his experience in sales and marketing for the institution.

In March 2020, when the first lockdown started, the whole economy came to a standstill. Nobody knew what the future would look like. However, by June 2020, it seemed clear that COVID19 would not be eradicated soon and schools slowly restarted education sessions over online platforms. It is then that Prof. Methil Krish and Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya started brainstorming on ways to reach out to the stakeholders in the education system virtually. In the past four months, Amrita School of Engineering, under the guidance of Prof. Methil Krish, has successfully conducted over 100 online sessions, reaching out to parents, teachers, school principals, and students and helping them acclimatise to the current situation.

The first series of online sessions were called ‘Every Parent Must Know,’ where Prof. Krish took up different topics each day to enlighten parents on how to handle their children during this pandemic. The various sessions helped parents understand their children and strengthen their bonds with them.

Then, for engineering aspirants, Amrita School of Engineering began ‘Koffee with Krish’ and ‘Amrita Listens.’ Koffee with Krish was a series where experts from different streams of engineering explained their fields and the latest technological innovations to help students identify their interests for higher studies. Amrita Listens was an interactive session where doubts regarding studying at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham were clarified. Students and parents asked questions to Prof. Methil Krish and Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya on the different campuses, streams available, entrance examination syllabus, admission procedure, placement details etc.

Most of the online work they have conducted, though, was for educators. Thursday Talkies and ‘You Are The Light’ were launched solely for the benefit of teachers. While Thursday Talkies was a brief series where teachers and educators discussed their innovative ideas in the educational field, ‘You Are The Light’ is a series that virtually felicitates the teachers from south Indian states who won the National Award for Best Teacher, and provided them with a platform to share their experiences, and teaching techniques with others.

Teaching is a noble profession and Amrita recognises the need to commend and reward those outstanding teachers of our country. Taking appreciation of the gurus a step further, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has also launched the “Amrita Academic Excellence Award (AAEA).” Educators from all the district of Tamil Nadu are identified and three best teachers and three best principals from both the CBSE and the Matriculation boards will be awarded the AAEA 2021. A few teachers from other Indian states will also be recognised and awarded AAEA 2021.

Amrita Gaanamritham better known as ‘Amrita Virtual Musical Eve’ is a fun-filled singing competition conducted only for school teachers. Over 200 enthusiastic teachers have participated in the weekly competition and everyone is now eagerly waiting for the Grand Finale.

Another impactful event that Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham led by Prof. Methil Krish is ‘Let Us Hear! My School!’ where eminent principals from across the country are invited to share their knowledge and experience to other educators. Seventeen such sessions have taken place so far. Similarly, the successful ‘Expert Speaks’ series was launched so that educators could share their school’s experiences and achievements in coping with the pandemic and their plans for when the National Educational Policy 2020 is implemented.

Apart from all these online discussions and events, Amrita also has been conducting orientation sessions for their online school laboratory software called OLabs. Introduced in 2012 by AmritaCREATE (Center for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education), led by Dr. Prema Nedungadi, and certified by the CBSE board, OLabs shot to popularity during lockdown. Practical lessons and experiments that are crucial to the curricula of Class 9-12 cannot be conducted until schools reopen physical classes again. Amrita’s OLabs uses real world simulations of 136 experiments to give authentic experiences to those teachers and students using the software. Over 35,000 registrations from schools have already been done.

Shifting From MNC To Educational Institutes

Prof. Methil Krish – Chairman, Career Competency Development, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, is an experienced marketing strategist, motivational speaker, and teacher trainer. In this video, he discusses his wide experience in marketing and sales with top MNC’s including Proctor & Gamble, MRF Tyres and TVS Tyres, and how he made the shift to the educational sector at the age of 49. His contribution to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is extraordinary and deserves recognition.

Secret of Success

Prof. Methil Krish, the Chairman of Career Competency Development at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, shares his unusual idea of success in this video. He believes that during one’s life, contentment is more important than success. Over the past 4 months, he has led Amrita School of Engineering to conduct 100 virtual sessions of varying kinds, for the stakeholders of the Indian education system.

Hosting Virtual Events & Its Effectiveness During Covid Times

Virtual classes and virtual events have become the new normal since the outbreak of COVID19. Prof. Methil Krish and his team launched almost 10 live event series, in the past few months, that address various issues faced by students, teachers, and parents. Some of these events also have been providing a platform for experienced faculty to share their wisdom with others

How To Choose Topics For Online Sessions

Every Parent Must Know is the first YouTube series that Amrita School of Engineering launched since lockdown. Prof. Methil Krish, the Chairman of Career Competency development at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, hosted this weekly event, from June 2020, where diverse topics on healthy parenting especially in the context of the pandemic, were addressed.

Impactful Initiatives By Amrita

Prof. Methil Krish, Chairman, Career Competency Development at Amrita University explains Amrita Marga Darshi, an informative career orientation program, that was conducted before pandemic. In this video he also explains how the OLabs was developed and how it has come to be the most popular online laboratory application in India, in the past few months.

National Education Policy NEP 2020

National Educational Policy 2020 is bringing much-needed large scale changes to the Indian education system. Prof. Methil Krish Chairman, Career Competency Development, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham discusses his views of NEP 2020 and how Amrita School of Engineering launched Expert Speaks to collaborate ideas on its implementation on a school level.