The stress to students due to the dynamic exam timetable can somewhat be mitigated when one follows a certain rhythm. Setting up a proper preparation timetable can be an effective time management strategy.

The students need to divide the days into hours that they will devote to each activity. They need not study the whole day now. Under normal circumstances, the exams would already have been finished by now. So, the present preparation period is a bonus for them. Parents must also not pressurise the students. Following preparation strategy is an example of what could be followed:

· 8 hours sleep

· 4 hours for meals and other activities

· 2 hours for household chores or time with family

· 2 hours for leisure/ exercise.

· 8 hours for study

Once this division of hours is sorted according to the student’s comfort, the next is to decide when what is to be done.

A daily study routine can work as follows:

· Wake up at 7 am, and have breakfast within 2 hours.

· Help in household chores for a while and freshen up with family over the next 2 hours.

· Start studying from 11 am to 2 pm.

· 2-4 pm can be devoted to lunch and some leisure.

· 4-6 pm may again be devote for study.

· 6-7 pm can be engaged in some exercise or fun activity.

· 7-8:30 pm could again be a study hour.

· Dinner could follow along with family time till 9:30 pm.

· The final study hours could be planned from 9:30 till 11 pm.

These segmented hours for study are ideal for preparation in the current situation. It will ensure better exam readiness while also not wearing students out. In case some students like to stay up and study, then they can also study for those hours till say 1am. But make sure that these students do not miss out on their sleep or time for the extracurricular chores. Helping parents is also a must at this hour, with household chores also giving students enough family bonding time.

Some exams include a component of General Awareness. For such exams, even if students are reading the newspaper or browsing through an online news site, it counts as study time. Some exams are also being conducted online. Those aspirants need to spend long hours in front of a computer screen. They must practice the online mode of testing routinely. Also, make sure that you track only useful or necessary news. Too much listening to opinions on the current pandemic may dwell more stress in students. There is a quote saying “a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. So, the right practices and preparation strategies will surely help students attempt the upcoming exams confidently, to the best of their abilities.