Giving birth to a child doesn’t make one a parent, starts off Prof. Methil Krish – Chairman, CCD, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. The quality of being a parent comes from the confidence of being able to take care of siblings or younger children in the family. The art of parenting hence starts from a very young age of an individual’s development.

Parents have to imbibe confidence and qualities in themselves and the children to become a good parent. Every action of a child goes the right way or not based on the confidence he/she derives from home. Posing negative consequences, feeding them more than needed with screens on, overprotecting children from nature etc. end up harming the child more than benefitting.

Allowing your children to make mistakes and making them understand that to err is normal as long as they learn from them is essential. Learning by trial and error, is very crucial to a well-rounded education. Scoring well in examinations is important but so is asking questions and making mistakes, no matter how silly they are.

Being a parent who collaborates with children at all levels, in decision-making, chores and activities at home is essential. It gives your child a sense of being appreciated and give them a feeling of being involved. Appreciating the scores and skills of your child, no matter how different or same as other children around them, is what will help them gain confidence in themselves. Patience is also key to help children learn at their own pace. Having a meal together is also essential – it is rightly said that a family who eats and prays together, grows and stays together. Spending quality time as a family is of essence.

Listening to and not just hearing what your children are trying to convey is another important factor. Telling children or comparing them to your generation and what you went through is something that puts them off. Shouting at your children in company and comparing them with other children is demeaning and is not ethical parenting. Badmouthing elders or teachers in front of children is another no-no because a child will pick up these traits from you.

Lastly, parents should help children practice exercises to help them with their cognitive and coordination abilities. Sudokus, video games, mathematical puzzles, multi-dexterity etc. help children to develop both sides of the brain. Prof. Krish also demonstrates a couple of other hand exercises that can help your children.

Building Confidence In Children

Prof. Methil Krish conveys how essential it is for parents have to inculcate confidence and qualities in themselves and their children as a part of healthy parenting. Creating negative consequences in a child’s mind, not limiting their screen time, or overprotecting children are sure-fire ways to harming your child.

Why It's Important To Let Your Child Make Mistakes

Making mistakes is inherent to human nature and parents should teach children that to err is normal. Learning by trial and error and expressing curiosity is essential for children to grow, explains Prof. Methil Krish.

Be A Collaborative Parent

Parents should involve children in all activities in their homes and at all levels right from decision-making, daily chores to important activities, says Prof. Methil Krish. This imparts a sense of being appreciated and makes children feel involved, he adds.

Why You Should Really Listen To Your Child

Prof. Methil Krish says that listening to and not just hearing the essence of what your children are trying to convey is very crucial. Parents should refrain from ill-mannerisms like shouting at children in company, comparing children with what they faced as a child and bad-mouthing people including teachers.

Exercises To Improve Child's Mental abilities

Prof. Methil Krish demonstrates and lists out daily activities and exercises that can help children with their cognitive and coordination abilities. Sudokus, video games, mathematical puzzles, multi-dexterity etc. should be practised regularly.