Ultimately it leads to the pressure of crossing the unavoidable but a positive crisis of big hurdle named as ‘The Exam’!  Naturally this situation has created a fear of attitude in the minds of every student who is facing the exam. With exams around the corner, I would like to share some tips for the students to beat the exam stress.

  1. ‘Work with the will’ must be the motto of every student while preparing for the exams, which would ultimately develop the innermost desire of winning the task, with the fullest effort and efficiency. Try assuming that you are enjoying a Rajini movie or playing your favorite game, whenever you sit for reading lessons. Definitely it will be different experience and you would feel some positive vibes.
  2. Planning is the most important aspect for becoming successful. Put up a   time schedule for the regular revision of the subjects. Plan in such a way that you allocate time for all the subjects appropriately. This will avoid last minute stress and tension.
  3. Take breaks in between each sitting. It will help you concentrate more by reducing your stress.
  4. Writing the answer once equals reading ten times; this applies not only to primary students but also for higher class students. Write the content which you tend to forget it will not only help to remember you but enhance your writing speed too.
  5. Self-correction of often committed errors, revising subjects which you   feel are tough are best possible remedies for scoring good marks in the exams.  This would also improve your handwriting because of the confidence that was imbibed during the process of concentrating on particular concepts.

The word ‘exam fear’ is not restricted to the mental apprehension alone but it includes the fear of losing memory over the contents studied while writing the exam. This can be overcome by well understanding and developing our own ideas the right words in the right places.

M.Muthu Lakshmi, Librarian
Equitas Gurukul Matriculation Hr. Sec. School