The pandemic stole a lot of things away from students, mainly their youth. As someone who enjoyed campus life to the fullest, it irks me to see so many young students living online life while they could take beautiful morning walks across the campus and enjoy the view from the football ground.

While we are now proficient with using zoom, Webex, Google Meet; and experts in matching outfits with formal tops and informal bottoms; it’s time to move out of the comfort zone again. It might be difficult to adapt to the old days when we had to wake up to catch the bus or attend the first hour, but Old Normal will soon become the Normal.

The transformation is not just the physical aspect, but a lot of other parts of our lives. Imagine trying to mute yourself when you don’t know the answer to a question, or a student is asking you doubt you don’t know? Let’s see another simpler example. Imagine we should not be smiling in a particular situation but just can’t stop. Although virtual life saved us big time from such embarrassments, it changed the way we perceive and react to situations.

Just like we took time to adjust to New Normal, getting back to old life will take a while. Let us remember the lessons we learned during the pandemic and use this knowledge for good. We will now know more about fashion, and definitely how to video call better.

Alumni, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham