There is/was a general thought among the youngsters that the education ends by completing a degree from a university. We have already experienced through the last two years that this understanding is totally wrong. Learning never ends. We see that, millions of professionals working across all the industries are trying to upskill themselves. Upskilling itself is unlearning & learning. Whatever we had learned in the past through formal education was not being applied effectively. But the fact is that whatever technology we see now evolved from these fundamental sciences.

We all educators has now realized the fact that teaching & learning is a continuous process and learning is for teachers too! The introduction of NEP 2020, emergence of EdTech companies, integration of technology to teaching learning process have proved that educators are no exceptions to the technological change. While we see that kids are much smarter than us, the educators, we must accept the fact that we cannot just stay back and watch the situation. We also need to learn, perhaps along with them to ensure that we can be in the race even if not able to win.