The New National Education Policy (NEP) has certain impacts on the coaching industry but in a positive manner. The changes will help both the learners and educators to grow in a more holistic way.

As the NEP is more flexible in terms of the learning process, the prep fraternity believes it will catapult the Indian education system to compete on an international level. Most of the stakeholders have an opinion that NEP will help students to get enrolled for higher education in International universities.

Positive change

Accordingly, to cater to the needs and to align with the NEP, institutes have to work upon more rigorous processes and developments in terms of educational technologies. More holistic teaching infrastructure and facilities must need to be adopted to implement the policy.

The coaching industry has to revamp its approach and must emphasise upon up-skilling and re-skilling of students instead of typical classroom learning.

Besides, the education system needs to incorporate something that exposes the young to the true realities of the technicalities in the existing world.

That something should make them more responsible, mature, good decision-maker, and highly focused. These things certainly happen, but at a later stage in the learning process. If we groom the youth right from the start, this will result in more young leaders and a smarter workforce.

Pressing needs

Entrepreneurship learning at schools can be a big game-changer. And, it should be introduced at the early stage itself, say for students of age 8-9-year-old.

Entrepreneurship teaches many things, like being practical in thought and approach, being efficient in managing time, money and relations, being good in problem identification and finding the right solution and many more practical skills.

Entrepreneurial skills must be infused in the young generation that eventually paves the leadership path for them. Look at all the big leaders around, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Elon Musk, Bill Gates; they all took their first step towards creating something big at a very early age.

That initiative they took to do something different and create an impact took them on a different path. And look at them now; they are the torchbearers of innovation for the world now. By giving the young an entrepreneurial mindset right from the school level, we can certainly have more dynamic leaders emerging in the future.

Desirable impact

The NEP will not have any negative impact on prep institutes as mostly students take coaching classes because school teachers don’t have much time to provide one-on-one training or problem-solving to all the students because of time constrain.

In contrast, coaching centres provide a broad range of educational services where students can have a better understanding and additional help in problem-solving, competitive learning and preparation for various competitive exams.

Apart from imparting knowledge, the tutelage should also motivate students for a planned and disciplined life.

The busy schedule of parents is another reason that will keep the charm of prep centres. Moreover, not all parents are capable to guide their children due to a variety of reasons and they need this extra support to get their wards into the coaching centres.

Way forward

Coaching Industry has always been proved to be armour in the education sector parallel to schools, colleges and universities.

These supplemental education centres have contributed immensely to the socio-economic growth of the country by producing technology leaders, entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers and software engineers.

Hopefully, the new education policy will definitely reinforce their efforts in shaping the future of the youths and the country above all.

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