Multiple Intelligence is the versatility of the human skill which enables them to do various tasks. Simultaneously they can be labelled with more than one intelligence. Accordingly, they are said to have kinesthetic, logical, natural, interpersonal or intra person al smartness. It is our sole responsibility to identify and acknowledge the intelligence in children which enables us to cater to their needs, mould them and take them to their next level. It also helps them to overcome their inferiority complex, if any. If they are detected with their intelligence, they would grow up with confidence and also would expertise in their chosen profession. Multiple Intelligence cannot be deciphered since it is not tangible. Then how do we identify their intelligence? Giving the same task to many children will help us to identify their intelligence from the way they handle it as it is a fact that each child is unique in his/ her style. Let it be a child prodigy or an autistic child, they are born with an inbuilt intelligence.

It can be concluded that, one of the most remarkable features of the Multiple Intelligence is how it provides eight different potential pathways to learning. If we have difficulty reaching a student in the more traditional linguistic or logical ways of instruction, the theory suggests several other ways in which the learning tool might be presented to facilitate effective learning. Let us nurture their intelligence and not inhibit them.

Kalaivani, Teacher,
K’Sirs International School