My regular Sunday routine entails waking up without the need of an alarm clock. After brushing my teeth, I rode my cycle about the city, stopping at Velan Coffee for a coffee served in a brass tumbler with Tabara. On 9.1.2022, I was caught in a trap at my own home due to an unexpected lockdown. I had no choice but to tidy the room in preparation for the next Pongal. The filming of "Friends" is currently taking place in my home. My better half, Nesmani (Mr. Vadivelu in the film), has the authority to command and criticise my job. We decided to cull away my son's note books, photocopied paper, and old newspaper when the cleaning was completed, and the house appeared somewhat to my wife's satisfaction. That's how I felt when she handed me a cup of coffee with a smile but no sugar. When I piled all of the old books and papers together, it weighed around 15 kgs, and my wife usually uses a barter mechanism to receive a small plastic bucket in exchange for the one sack of papers. This time, we thought it would be a good idea to offer it to the lady that comes to our street to collect all the garbage and ask her to sell it and take the money. She was overjoyed when we handed her the sack, and we felt the same way. A simple way to make someone happy! Let us make the people around us happy in every manner we can!