The coincidental career path of teaching has been the most rewarding, says Dr. Vasanthi Thiagarajan and Ms. Manila, Principals of Sishya School (Hosur) and Delhi Public School (Bangalore East), respectively. They enjoy their work and, as mentioned by Dr. Thiagarajan, consider it a godsent opportunity to be a teacher, to be able to mentor so many young minds.

With the onset of the pandemic, regular schools have come to a stop. The educators speak of how teachers have come together in these adverse times to remodel traditional methods of teaching. Teachers are constantly having to come up with fun and interesting ways of teaching an online class. Blended learning, e-libraries and other online platforms have been incorporated into daily schooling. Schools are now restructuring their entire syllabus in such a way that it can be taught, without hassle, online.

There are definite disadvantages and glitches that are present. Students’ mental and physical health can be disrupted due to long screen time, lack of privacy, and lack of an emotional bond with teachers. Teachers are however doing their best in trying to reassure children and their parents, and trying to maximise a combined effort to put them all at ease.  Students too have been considerate and mindful about easing in the teachers’ experiences of online schooling.

Post-COVID schooling might look very different from how they have been running previously. With COVID, newer protocols and regulations will be introduced keeping in mind the wellbeing of students and staff. Learning and schooling might continue to be tech-based and remote.  
Kudos to all teachers who jumped right into the deep end and have adjusted, adapted and are learning every day.

Journey of A Rewarding Career

Both Dr. Vasanthi and Ms. Manila speak of their serendipitous career path and their love for teaching.

Managing Through The Pandemic

The pandemic brought in new, unaccustomed ways of learning, but teachers and students were quick to adapt to online methods. Teachers sometimes, however, are forced to reinvent to hold the attention of students, while also trying to connect with them emotionally. There are constant challenges, but working together with students and parents who understand and empathise, puts the teacher at ease.

Wellness of Student And Staff

The physical and mental wellbeing of the staff and students are valuable for the functioning of schools. Schools are thus initiating more ways to ensure that students feel heard and are less anxious.

Safety Measures

The safety of students is primary. Hence COVID protocol based training is given to all staff at schools. Parents are also encouraged to train their kids regarding social distancing, the need to wash hands regularly and basic hygiene.

Digitising The Education System

Schools are now incorporating secure and user-friendly platforms that are available to conduct exams. In order to improve on the existing system and to ensure maximum efficiency, changes are made using feedback given by parents and students.

Future Of Schooling

The online mode of teaching/learning is here to stay. Newer ways of assessments and blended learning methods are being ideated. The future of schools will probably be more tech-based than it was pre-pandemic.