Beginning of SSVM

An Innovator and entrepreneur in the educational sector, Dr. Manimekalai founded SSVM institutions with a battalion of mothers who wanted to provide quality education to their children. SSVM focuses not only on knowledge, but also discipline and value development.

Psychological Transition to Meet Objective

As a management that follows ‘communication before action’ SSVM was a pioneer for online classes, under the request of parents at the onset of the pandemic. With adequate analysis of the situation, support and guidance from every stakeholder, the school overcame all the troubles during the pandemic.

Tools for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Teachers were prepared through orientation and brainstorming to make online classes effective. However, if classes continue online for too long social adjustment and analyzing peer group will be lost. Social etiquettes, body posture and discipline that come along with classroom learning will also be at stake.

Uncertainty about Future

The bright brains that left India have returned with the pandemic. Likewise the future is uncertain and all we can do is focus on developing skills, talents and passion among children, rather than preparing them for a profession. So according to the need of the hour they switch over. Teachers however will not be replaces by technology.

Value System in Education

The value system is a triangle formed by parents, teachers and students. Parents and teachers should encourage values of honesty, divinity, hard work and patience. Children should follow these values sincerely.