Attitude and Behavior

While behaviour is inborn, attitude is something that a person acquires over time. Attitude reflects on thought process but behaviour takes control of actions. Attitude is a choice, where one should focus on it to make a difference. Developing a strong and positive attitude requires commitment and hard work.

Forming and Changing Attitudes

Ideas, values, beliefs, and perceptions shape our attitudes. Refining our communication skills, listening to ourselves, and taking charge of our lives promotes positive outlook. Changing our attitude is a gradual process and there is a set of factors that help and maintain positivity.

Negative Attitude and its Repercussions

Negativity arises as a result of low self-esteem and other factors pertaining to irritable behaviour. Negative attitudes usually means the person carries emotional baggage. Our attitude is our responsibility. We must learn how to frame our attitude, change perspectives, and forgive ourselves for our faults.