Importance Of Reading For Teachers

Mr. K. K. Ganesh says that regular reading is an important aspect for a teacher. It can be reading a newspaper, academic papers or even updating a teacher’s own subject content.Reading not only expands one’s vocabulary but also one’s understanding of others’ mindsets. K.K. Ganesh also talks about the current trend of children being averse to reading books and why that is a problem.

How to Design & Deliver Quality Online Education

For quality online education, schools must create personalised and engaging learning content while also providing interactive learning tasks that allow students to apply their skills. The online classes must be accessible to all students. Schools must be in contact with parents to prevent student attendance and other issues.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Online Teaching

Online learning necessitates owning a phone or PC and a working internet connection. For students of rural areas and underprivileged backgrounds, this becomes an exclusionary factor. Mr. K. K. Ganesh shares how his school – ELGI Matric Higher Secondary School – handled these challenges and is now able to give quality online education to all their students.

Future Of Online Education

Reopening of schools is an unsure. While real classrooms can never be replaced, Mr. K. K. emphasises the need to adapt to the current situation and make use of technology to give best education possible. He also advocates the hybrid model of 3 days of online class + 3 days of offline class that the government has recommended.