Impact of pandemic on NEP and Cyber Security Risks

This pandemic facilitated improved learning in terms of technology. Hence the data must be protected. The pandemic has created uncertainty in the education sector but has also prepared the sector to embrace changes that come along with NEP 2020 that will shift the foundations of education in India.

Infrastructure Upgradation, and Management

Entrance into school premises are to be restricted to the staff and students. Parents are granted access in special circumstances and have to be isolated from the rest of the school. Crowding can be reduced by staggering arrivals and departures, also by avoiding bulk transportation of students.

Fitness and Recreation

Counselors can help teachers talk about positive experiences and overcome the traumas of the pandemic. This will promote mental wellbeing. Individual talent and physical fitness could also be achieved by promoting virtual programs and exercises instead of annual day and sports day celebration.

Post  Covid Health Norms

Safety practices defined by a standard operating procedure should be adhered to without compromising on health and hygiene. Employing a qualified and experienced in-house nurse to handle medical situations and collaborating with the nearest hospital to attend medical emergencies is crucial.

How to Ensure Best Delivery Through Training

Schools need to encourage teachers to engage in peer group activities and elevate their skills. This will contribute to their strengths and improve the overall quality of education. Training must be given to the staff to handle the post-Covid norms by forming a committee to that ensures safety and hygiene as priority.