Mrs. Shanta Maria James is a highly experienced teacher and academic head, who was presented the Best Teacher’s Award, in the year 2013, by the then President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Currently, she is the principal of Indian Central School, Kuwait, carrying out her role all the way from India due to the pandemic.

She discusses on an episode of Let Us Hear, the paradigm shift that education systems across the world have been facing, and her advice to teachers and schools on how to cope.

For teachers, online classes have been more challenging than physical classes. The latter has a clear structure on work timings and face to face interactions gives clear pictures on how students are doing. But now, work has invaded homes. Most teachers are struggling to multi-task and balance their home chores and family relations, along with online classes and relations with students and parents. It has also become next to impossible to check if all students are being attentive and concentrating on class work. Further, teachers have been bearing the brunt of the worries of parents about online education. They have been taking calls at all hours and constantly reassuring parents that this is the best option in the current situation. She stresses on the importance of taking care of the mental wellbeing of teachers along with that of students.

Regarding the effect of the pandemic on students’ quality of education, Mrs. Shanta explains that online classes have opened new pedagogical approaches to teachers that integrate the best of technology, thus only enhancing the current learning system. She further discusses “blended learning” and how it would make the future of education.

Teachers across the globe deserve high appreciation for their contribution during this tough period that we are living in. Mrs. Shanta ends with a memorable quote, “We learn by teaching and we grow by sharing. Allow others to grow.”

Teaching  A Meaningful And Challenging Career

Mrs. Shanta Maria James recounts her entry to the field of teaching and how her passion for it developed over the years. She urges all teachers to never stop dreaming big. It takes time and perseverance to reach our goals but we must not give up. Teachers across the globe deserve special appreciation for their contribution to society during this pandemic.

How To Develop A Holistic Approach

School teachers trained in the traditional pedagogy and classroom management, are struggling to gain digital literacy while ensuring students’ learning is not compromised. Balancing their home chores, along with online classes have been especially difficult for women teachers during this lockdown. Mrs. Shanta Maria James, Principal of Indian Central School, Kuwait, stresses on the importance of taking care of the mental health of teachers along with that of students. She also discusses the need to hold extra-curricular classes through online platforms to keep students motivated and fit.

Blended Learning The New Normal For E Learning

With the advent of online education, the internet has become a basic need. Technology has allowed us to continue work and education during the pandemic and we will need it even post-COVID19. Principal of Indian Central School, Kuwait, Mrs. Shanta Maria James discusses how schools have to increase teacher training opportunities to get them accustom to digital classes and the new “blended learning” teaching models.