Extracurricular activities are not just a mere extra time but also an opportunity to enhance their hidden talents. In a normal situation, pre-COVID-19, all extracurricular activities for students took place in a school environment without many restrictions, especially protocols that involved health safety. This pandemic situation has made huge challenges and learning curves for all forms of education including extracurricular activities, which played an important role in developing a well-rounded student. As Teachers were facing a herculean task to teach through a screen, students were longing for an outlet to release their stress and anxiety. This temporary cancellation of extracurricular events undoubtedly made the students miss their peer socialization resulting in increasing lazy habits and a decline in creative energy. As every student is familiar with online meeting platforms, opportunities for students to continue in speech/debate programs or multi-step instructed programs such as art classes, music could be delivered through these platforms. Conducting competitions online will create interest among students. Social-emotional connections through interactions with peers and instructors mould and enhance a student’s personality, problem-solving abilities, personal opinions, and advocacy and decision-making skills.