Researchers have warned that unless there is major support and investment in environmental and science education, the rising environmental catastrophe would intensify. Reforms would assist young people in addressing the complex, interconnected, and dynamic concerns that face us today.

In response to frequent warnings from scientists concerning trends in the deterioration of ecosystems, biodiversity, and climate, among other environmental challenges, the experts suggest that governments and other organisations should dedicate more resources to education innovation.

Environmental education is a critical component of the future social and environmental transformations that will be required.

Environmental and science education assists people in recognising false information and ideas, as well as understanding and responding correctly to climate emergency warnings.

They go on to say that reaching an agreement on our environmental problems isn't just an issue for experts. It requires the assistance of people in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, as well as the general public. Only then would UNEP and UNESCO's recent proposals for "environmental education to be a core component of all education systems at all levels by 2025" have a hope of winning multilateral support.

For addressing themes like the climate disaster, the evidence foundation is unequivocal regarding the superiority of whole-school approaches versus fast curriculum adjustments. The existential risks also need reviewing the focus of existing basic teacher education and continuing professional development, as well as investing and innovating in lifetime learning and non-school based services.

To address sound and pertinent warnings from scientists, it will be critical to ensure that any kind of environmental education is relevant, coherent, fit for purpose, funded correctly, and available to current and future generations within and beyond the curriculum.

Only by investing in education, particularly environmental and sustainability education, will we be able to drastically reverse our current course and demonstrate to ourselves and future generations that our warnings were taken seriously.