Teaching methods have been changing over the years. The old approach of education delivery is through recitation and memorisation techniques. Nowadays, the modern way of teaching involves more interactions. Today, the classroom teaching methods are transforming into a system of blended learning. Teachers are reaping the benefits of having the old teaching methods enhanced with the use of new technology. As a result of this blended teaching approach, the students will get benefited.

The following are few reasons for the importance of the blended teaching approach:

Efficacy of blended learning.  

Years ago, it was difficult to assess student understanding and engagement using the dry teaching methods. Like, teacher spending hours and days explaining a math concept with an overhead projector. Today, the blended learning approach helps teachers to assess the student’s knowledge. This will help in teaching concepts efficiently. Hence, the blended learning method improves the efficacy and efficiency of the entire education system.

The blended learning approach is more accessible.  

During old teaching methods, the educational materials were only available in classrooms. In the new learning methods, there are various apps and other technological advances. Which the students can access and engage themselves from home. This accessibility will make a greater interest in learning and more successful outcomes.

Students can maintain the timings themselves.  

A blended learning approach that uses apps, games, etc. to teach concepts, allows students to refer to the material at their own pace. This leads to a balanced classroom with both quick and slow learners. Every student can practise and study new material at their convenient timing. It will enhance deeper learning, reduce stress, and increase student satisfaction.

Teachers become more engaged with their students.  

The blended learning approach provides an opportunity for students to be in touch with their teachers. They can connect through email, social media, or message boards. This learning method enhances several effective ways. Where the teachers and students can become more engaged with one another. Teachers can check the student’s progress. Also, the students can clear more doubts and gain deeper knowledge.

Both students and teachers enjoy more  

Students get bored due to the lengthy lectures and seminars during their academic days. With a blended teaching approach, they find learning more enjoyable. This is helpful to both students and teachers. Students will be more interested to pursue higher education if they have a positive experience with their learnings of basics.

Changing the usual way of traditional teaching methods can be challenging. But, the new blended learning experience has more helpful properties. Traditional teaching techniques used repetition and memorisation of information to educate students. Through this approach, they were not developing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Blended learning encourages students to collaborate and thus be more productive. Both students and teachers should make use of the technology available. The blended teaching methods are both effective and useful in today’s education.