Worry and pressure that is caused by having too much to deal with is the dictionary meaning of stress. In simpler words stress is nothing but something we create or cause to oneself.

Now, what does an exam stress mean: the stress that you undergo when you think about the preparation and presentation of the exam.

What are the ways in which you can avoid exam stress?  

These are the steps to overcome exam stress.


The first thing is that you need to plan. Have a plan for yourself and work consistently on it. Stick to the plan & strictly no deviation.

The plan is followed by preparation. When I say preparation, I mean preparing from DAY ONE, a lesson is being taught. Studying for the exam just the previous night will do no good but cause only stress.

Finally, the Action. Act according to your plan and preparation. Action is nothing but you need to write a test for yourself before you appear for it. Ask your parents or form a group among your friends, set a question paper for one another. Write a mock test for you to know where you lack.

When this action takes place, for sure you will learn how to manage the time. Though you prepare and plan well, if fail to act before your test, you will face the stress regarding time management.

‘I know all the answers but will I be able to finish my exam on time?’

Yes, you can, only when you act upon the preparation by writing a mock test. Through mock test, you’ll identify your flaws and will be more confident when you appear for your exam.

PLAN, PREPARE and ACT and WIN over your Exam Stress!