Dear Students.

Few reasons for exam stress:

Pressure from family to get good marks

Finding it hard to understand the content

Fear of failure

How do you know if you are stressed?

Lack of concentration and confidence in any work you perform.

Unable to have a good sleep.

Headache or disturbed mind.

Trembling out of fear

Here are some ways to cope with Exam stress:

Plan a proper schedule throughout the day and stick on to it.

Have a proper study time, eating time as well as sleeping time. Don’t deviate from it.

Minimum of 7 hours sleep is necessary during exam days, so that your brain gets time to recharge.

Take a deep breath and meditate at least for 15 minutes in the early morning, before starting your routine.

Focus on your studies, don’t allow any deviations to enter your mind, be it family issues or about friends.

Take a short break after long hours of continuous studies, by allowing your mind to relax by listening to good music or having a good conversation with your family members.

Eat healthy food and avoid Junk food, so that you don’t fall sick. Don’t skip your meal.

Just before Exam:

Organize what all you need to take along with you for your exam the previous night itself.

Say a short prayer.

Eat a light breakfast, which is healthy.

Slow down your breathing before starting the exam.

Once you are done with that day’s exam, concentrate on your next exam.

All the Best!