Few insights and approaches which are rarely taught in schools but which can make difference between success and failures are brought into the discussion here.

As a teacher, I always feel, I have to enlighten and enhance the students to boost up confidence and courage to face the upcoming exams with ease.


  1. ‘Not a threat but an opportunity. Yes, change your thinking towards the exams from a threatening perspective towards an opportunity perspective. This is a platform to prove yourself and trust ‘The one and only YOU’ than any other sources.
  2. Concentrate specifically on ‘What is asked’, rather than ’Write what all you know’. Don’t sail along with a common mistake, of not reading the question paper carefully. Plan a focused, concise answer which brings the examiner’s focus on you to allocate marks.
  3. Suppress the stress:

It’s a general argument that exams put up a lot of stress on young generations and sometimes has tragic consequences. Even though many documents were scripted on stress management, still it is felt like an unreachable goal for many. To make it simple, I have seen students spending a lot of their time with mobiles and e-gadgets as stress busters. But, to be clear, it never ends your stress rather will increase furthermore in other ways. Just ask any student, did they ever feel to stop scrolling their mobile screen, thinking, ‘it’s enough, I have spent more time here and now my stress is relieved. The answer is going to be a big NO. Instead, try this:

  1. Talk to your parents/grandparents, but not about the exams or your career, plans etc.
  2. Play or chat with your siblings or your neighbour’s kids. Kids will always be stress-reliever.
  3. Have a friends’ meet up for an hour at a common peaceful place like a park or a garden. Again to remind clearly, not to discuss exam preparations and no hard feelings.
  4. Eat frequently, with no junks, bit with healthy diet only. Don’t stuff your tummy with a full plate meal at once, but fill it up with veggies, salads, curries, sprouts etc.
  5. Increase the fluid intake. Not to suggest plenty of water in a single day, but frequent intake of water or any other liquids will keep you hydrated.
  6. Lastly, watch your favourite cartoon/movie clips/comedy fillers on Television and not again on gadgets. Remember the saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, yet it works best on stress too.
  7. Plan your revision well in advance than running a marathon on subjects and chapters to be revised. Highlight the chapters which you have revised in a bright or your favourite colour. Once every chapter is revised and marked, it will give you a feeling of emotions and overwhelming joy, that tells you that you are nearing your goal.
  8. Instil the positive thoughts within you as such:
  9. Exams aren’t meant to filter your knowledge on subjects.
  10. They provide an opportunity to prove your abilities and strengths.
  11. Everyone’s memory is sufficient for them.
  12. Scoring marks completely depend on the answers you write which are asked to.
  13. There will be no excuse for ‘Lengthy Question Paper’. Question papers are prepared by a group of well trained educated professionals, who can well calculate the exact time required to write an answer, which may be objective or subjective. Hence plan your time accordingly to the weightage of each question and spend your time meticulously on each question.