Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. From Google Maps that help you navigate based on live traffic to automotive industries, cyberspace, healthcare, ecommerce and automation, AI has a reign of its own in today’s world of technology, explains Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya.

He goes on to elaborate in detail what AI actually means and cites famous scientists who have described the field as one of developing machines that can think or reason autonomously, in a limited capability. Computers were the forerunners of AI what with the ability to process complex information like that required in a game of chess.

The field of AI is complemented by Data Science, which is again a vast sector that involves many divisions like Analytics, Mining, Machine Learning and more. Data Analytics refers to the process of extracting meaningful insights and trends from a set of data gathered over a predefined period of time. While data science broadly focuses on forecasting the future implications of a technology with inputs from numerous data sources, data analytics helps in finding solutions posed by data science based on previous insights.

AI plays a prominent role in the fields of healthcare by enabling remote patient monitoring and assessing disease risks. It also aids in the analysis of effects and implications of various breakthroughs in gene editing, drug discoveries, medicinal trials etc.

The education system can also make use of AI by building up a good implementation strategy for AI technologies, training and upskilling employees, revamping business processes, deploying intelligent software and creating an environment of data readiness by reducing cyber risk.

He goes on to explain how AI will aid teachers in every role from assessments, performance improvement and problem-solving. AI is sure to enhance student and prospect experiences by encouraging smart learning methods and reducing the time spent on mundane tasks. In addition, contrary to popular belief, AI will also create more job opportunities for talented professionals in the field of education, he adds.

How Technology is Changing Life

Artificial Intelligence is today omnipresent. From personal health apps that run on your phone to navigation systems like Google Maps, AI has become an integral part of our life. It can be seen in all fields like infrastructure, traffic management, automotive industries, cyberspace, healthcare, ecommerce and automation, explains Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya.

Data Science Vs Data Analytics

AI is supported by the science of data. Data Science, a vast sector that includes Analytics, Mining, Machine Learning is key to AI applications. Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya explains the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science too, highlighting on how each is used in Artificial Intelligence and its implementation.

Need of AI for Teachers

How AI will help in cutting short the time teachers spend on mundane tasks is what Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya elaborates. He also adds that instead of bringing down the job opportunities, AI will add more career options for talented educators.

AI for Schools

How can schools easily use Artificial Intelligence is what Br. Maheshwara Chaitanya covers here. Schools and universities should deploy set up a good implementation strategy for AI technologies to implement an ecosystem of data readiness by reducing cyber risk.