The process of bringing ECCE to life with NEP 2020 will aid in the early development of a student's personality. According to specialists, the requirement for a significant transition, which ensures uniformity all around, will ensure that a child's learning is seamless and continues throughout his or her life. In discussion with experts at Amrita, education pioneers explain how NEP 2020’s focus on ECCE will transform the landscape of conventional education in the country.

When the principal and administration accept responsibility for empowering teachers to apply basic education to the agreed-upon level, the education system can be altered. Experts say that if principals actively participate in advising and training, the quality of early education can be improved using the available resources.

The total focus of education should not be limited to the years of higher education, but should also include the foundational years. Experts believe that foundational stages should be prioritised, and pupils should be provided with the essential resources to guarantee that they have a strong foundation.

It is critical to prepare teachers to make the most of their abilities to achieve the goals of education. According to experts, pupils need a firm foundation in elementary school with concrete concepts to establish a suitable foundation for their future learning.

Teachers and principals should work together to bring ECCE to completion, as stated in the NEP 2020. Experts agree that despite fiscal limits, administrators and school management should assure proper training and that the entire system will surely be uniformly balanced.

Formalising ECCE

The process of bringing ECCE to life with NEP 2020 will help in shaping the personality of a student right from the start. The need for a serious transition, to ensure uniformity all around, will surely ensure seamless and continued learning of a child from the early years, said experts.

Importance of Foundational Stages of Education and How to Implement it Effectively?

The overall focus of education should not just be limited to higher education years, but at the root base too. Foundational stages should be given more importance and students should be given all necessary facilities to ensure that they have a solid base, suggest experts.

How to Effectively Train Elementary Teachers?

To realise the purpose of education it is essential to train teachers to make the most of their skills. Elementary education needs to be solid with concrete concepts for students to form a good basis for their future learning, mention experts.

How to Improve the Quality of Elementary Education?

The education system can be transformed when the principal and management take responsibility to empower teachers to apply elementary education to the agreed level. With principals actively participating in guiding and training, the quality of early education can be enhanced with the available resources themselves, add experts.

How to Ensure the Success of ECCE?

To bring ECCE to fruition as mentioned in the NEP 2020, teachers and principals should both join forces together. Administrators and school management should ensure adequate training and the entire system should be uniformly balanced despite economic constraints, conclude experts.