With so many talented students, it's critical to nurture their strengths while they're still in school. Universities should ensure that students have the opportunity to further their careers while also ensuring that they make the most of it, according to Amrita experts.

Parents should plan for their children's higher education, while students should be encouraged and informed about scholarships and other options to help them succeed. Experts say that career counselling should begin at an early age to allow pupils to choose the finest possibilities accessible to them.

A major challenge that educational institutions confront is enabling students to solve problems and find answers utilising their knowledge and accessible technologies. On the other hand, experts say that ensuring that students do not misuse education or resources and that they realise their role in this regard is a major difficulty.

To ensure that higher education includes the most recent industry changes, the curriculum must be constantly rethought, reengineered, and restructured. Experts also say that building a socially aware educational process is critical for shaping a future of bright and responsible individuals.

Some numerous colleges and institutions are not up to par, with the vast majority of students graduating from engineering colleges rated unemployable. Enrolling at these colleges does not provide students with solid employment options or empower them. As a result, experts agree that education at a university that is problem-focused, research-oriented, and sophisticated is critical.

How can universities step into remodeling the higher education system?

With amply skilled students, nurturing their abilities during education is highly important. Universities should ensure that students get the opportunity to grow their career and at the same time, students should take care that they make the most of it, suggest experts from Amrita.

What are the challenges in helping students choose a higher education institution?

Parents should plan for higher education for their children and at the same time children should be encouraged to and made aware of scholarships and opportunities of all sorts to help them excel. Career counselling has to be started from a very young age to empower students to select the best available options for them, add experts.

What are the two most important challenges and opportunities for higher education in India?

Enabling students to solve problems and find solutions using their knowledge and available technology is a key challenge that education institutions face. On the other hand, ensuring that misuse of education or resources does not occur by students and making them understand the responsibility for the same is also another key challenge, reveal experts.

What are the unique steps that universities need to do to create employability?

The curriculum needs constant rethinking, reengineering and restructuring to ensure that the latest industry updates are included in higher education. Also, developing a socially aware educational process is essential to mould a future of talented and responsible individuals, suggest experts.

What measures should be taken to strengthen the partnership and government and universities?

With a vast majority of students passing out of engineering colleges deemed unemployable, there exist many colleges and universities that are not up to the mark. Enrolling in these institutions fails to offer and empower students with good career opportunities. Hence, education in a university which is problem-centric, research-oriented and advanced is essential, conclude experts.