Entrance examinations have evolved through the years, on par with the educational system of our country. Engineering, Medical, and Chartered Accountancy entrance examinations have topped the charts for inducing tight competitions and an added factor of soaring stress to students as well as parents. Let’s cut to the chase, our society is ‘academic grade’ oriented. Entrance exams are a cakewalk to a few, but a nightmare for the majority. Sure, we’ve all heard about not stressing before the big day, but how exactly is it practically possible?

Engineering entrance exams have put aspiring students to work tirelessly, day and night without ceasing their desire to bag top-ranks and a seat in prestigious institutions. During this heated period of intensive studies and revisions, students go through emotional turbulence. A lot of students limit themselves to their study rooms and libraries. Added to the anxiety, most parents keep high expectations of their children scoring high marks. This factor can put the students in a lot of anxiety, which in turn affects their mental health.

Unquestionably, it is imperative to keep stress and anxiety under control. As parents and caregivers, here are a few tips to help your children prepare in a hassle-free, and more importantly, with peace of mind.

Help them with preparing schedules

Before the engineering/JEE examination dates come out, help your children prepare an easy timetable, something that can fit into their daily schedules. Aim to include subjects or chapters that can be revised in a day, or which seems less oppressive for the examinee. Structure the timetable in a way that the student remembers the number of days to examination and the portions that he/she has to cover.

Set targets, but not the unrealistic kind

When preparing for engineering examinations, parents seem to coax their children to aim at top colleges and ranks. But this may pressurise the children more and in turn, exhaust their mental ability to meet desired goals. While structuring the timetable, setting practical portions is the right way to progress. Parents should remind their children that examinations may not always give them top scores or ranks and, that it is alright if they miss a good college admission or fail in certain papers. Mental health is golden, and parents need to keep a constant check on their child’s well-being.

Encourage short breaks and good sleep!

With the kind of calculations and loads of pages to read, engineering aspirants can spend their whole day scribbling on papers and books. As parents, remind your children to take walks, get a power nap in between, play outside for a while or simply catch their breath during the day! Short breaks are mandatory and let us not forget how important sleep is, especially for students preparing for challenging examinations like JEE.

Now, not later.

There are a lot of students who keep putting off portions for later. Well, we have bad news. Studies have shown that people who tend to procrastinate are people who tend to get anxiety issues in the future. Not a pretty scene, is it? Students in the eleventh and twelfth grades, who take engineering entrance examination classes along with their daily school studies should plan a particular window for incorporating entrance coaching lessons with their daily work. Not only does it save time, but makes it easy for the student to revise later. Parents can talk to students and help them plan a time to do so.

Beat the tough questions.

Not being able to crack the tough questions can worry students and make them feel less competitive. Make the progress gradually! Always start with the easy topics, slowly move on to the moderate and later, the tough topics. This will improve study performance as well as encourage students to learn more.

Quality over Quantity.

JEE exam preparations require a lot of study preparation. But cramming a lot of subjects and topics together will not help students to achieve their goals. At the end of the day, the number of subjects you covered in a span of time does not count, rather the lessons learnt thoroughly and with precise understanding counts. So, take it easy!

Revise, and revise.

As much as they can, ask your children to revise whatever they’ve learnt during the course of study holidays. Remind them that revision is the key to being optimistic about engineering exams. Tell them to have sticky notes on important and useful topics around their study room.

Lastly, motivate children to be hopeful, yet not too hopeful about their chance for an engineering seat. Make sure that they binge on healthy food, take adequate rest and prepare in peace. The biggest support that any aspirant can get is from their loved ones.

So, dear parents, do them a favour. Try to not compare your aspiring child’s future to another child, be it their own sibling or best friend. This alone can shake up young minds to think that they are never enough. Also, think on these lines - Would you do this to yourself, if you were a young engineering aspirant?

Remind yourself that engineering exams are not easy to crack for every student. The passion to learn should come from within. Lastly, encourage your children to keep an inspirational demeanour and stick to the goals that they have set for themselves.