Given technological developments and easy availability of internet sources, the teachers at any level (I mean from school to college to university) are expected to contribute to this transformation.  This is possible only if we adopt the ever-evolving teaching methods. Teachers are responsible for inculcating the students about the evolution of the teaching-learning process and how the present generation can meet the challenges that arise from such evolution.  Particularly, students must be made aware about the areas, such as data science/analytics, that have larger scope with regard not only to job skills but also research and further learning.  It is a great idea to encourage students to visit higher educational institutions to gain inspiration.  This will enable them to gain knowledge about the learning facilities embedded with laboratory facilities.  In addition, recalling the contributions of popular researchers/scientist/teachers such as Ramanujan, to their respective fields will certainly influence the students to draw inspiration.

One of the major problems for outgoing school students is to decide on which area would be the best choice. We, the faculty of Mathematics, make every effort to teach the students not only the theory behind what they study but also the applications of them in real time situations.  In the same way, if teachers are able to demonstrate the usefulness and applications of what they teach and how it would be useful when they enter into higher education, it would be of great help to students check the area where they will fit in well. Needless to say, the choice of what to do next by the students lies in the hands of school teachers who can only guide and put them on the right track.