Technology has already taken over the education domain. Be it learning or teaching, most of it is now online or digital. While things are moving faster in the life of an e
ducator and a school student, are we losing something in between this teaching learning process? Are we losing that culture of the heart in this process of digitization? Yes, there is something missing as we go with the growth of technology.

As the technology grow, it is important to impart the culture of the heart also to the future generation. One of the important skills demanded from the future generation is the “Problem Solving” and “Critical Thinking”. Future education must emphasize on using these skills to solve the problems faced by human beings. Future generation must understand why emotional well-being is important for the life and career. Indian culture and heritage give much importance in seeing the world as one family. Future generation needs to be educated on why they should develop the attitude to serve others in their own capacity.

Career has significance in life as it is the way to earn the wealth. Future students shall envision their life with this attitude in mind. It is essential that they have to understand about those who are starving in the society. They shall be trained to be the problem solvers with compassion and empathy. Here are five important points as mentioned by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Chancellor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham:

At a glance

  1. Education system must train the students to earn a living – the knowledge and skills to earn wealth, comfort and position.
  2. Mental wellbeing – They shall be trained to gain maturity to control our thoughts & emotions as this is as important as physical health.
  3. They shall be trained to repay to their own home and family who supported them as well as the Mother Nature. They should understand that Nature plays a vital role in our physical growth – water, food, shelter – everything is provided by Mother Nature.
  4. They shall be trained and motivated to have love and respect towards God and Mother Nature, through social work and engaging in selfless service.
  5. Education system shall be capable enough to awaken the awareness of our inner Self & understand that I am not a separate entity.

I am part of the universe, not a separate entity, just a water in the ocean reaching the shores cannot be separated from the waves, it is the same water in the middle of the ocean and that I am one with the whole creation.