Everyone's life has never been the same in the last two years. The pandemic affected the way we did things, and like everyone else, a student's life changed, as did a teacher's - how we taught, learned, and assessed — everything changed. Teachers and students quickly adjusted to the 'new normal,' and the online mode became fashionable.

What could be on the wish list for teachers when we transition from the "new normal" to the "old normal" and return to traditional schooling?

They've been at the vanguard of the epidemic, fighting the virus while juggling home and work, safeguarding their pupils' mental health, and embracing technology like nobody's business.

It is critical that someone considers them and compiles a wish list for instructors for the year 2022. So here goes:

1. The use of technology

Everyone assumed the teacher didn't know much when they have needed to embrace technology in early 2020, and yes, they juggled between so much in the past two years, and embraced it all.

As a teacher, your resources should include utilising technology in the classroom to communicate and apply Artificial Intelligence-based applications for evaluations and learning.

As a teacher, you must learn skills such as how to integrate coding into the curriculum. Pupils are considerably more knowledgeable about coding; thus, a teacher will be able to relate to students better if they study it as well and include it into the curriculum.

Technology can also be utilised to encourage more interaction in the classroom, and it should be used in a way that allows students to become self-sufficient learners.

2. Continuing education

Everyone thought the instructor needed to be upskilled in early 2020, therefore I was obliged to attend every professional development workshop. Nobody inquired as to what the teacher desired.

The majority of instructors want to attend professional development courses to improve their teaching and assessment skills. Upskilling classroom transactions will also benefit from professional development.

More money should be allocated to professional development in schools, and teachers should be able to take care of their own learning and upskilling.

3. The need of a growth mentality in the future

What do teachers want in their classrooms now that 2022 is here?

There were significant learning differences among the students. How can we detect and close learning gaps before moving forward? As educators, we face a significant issue.

Teachers should be empowered to understand how to bridge students' learning gaps, as well as the mental health difficulties they experience, and work with them to improve their overall well-being.