Let us remove the fear of loss and failure from the minds of the children and build them with the desire to learn.

Each individuals’ personality is as diverse as choosing their favorite chocolate. Some prefer Bounty, others Twix, a few choose Mars, a handful Snicker, and yet a few others like all four. Coming to the fish philosophy, a transformative story that converted a stinky, dirty, and noisy fish market like Pike Place to an unusually enjoyable and fun filled market. This philosophy helped the corporate world change their working pattern in turn producing extraordinary results. The principles of success as applied by the manager of Pike Place fish market to transform into a corporate manager by turning around a team that was lethargic and lacked discipline into a high performing team is what the philosophy entails. The section tagged earlier as the toxic dumping ground turned out into a department everyone was soon eager to join. The four principles that were followed to manage the market and the teams were:
(i) Imbibing the right attitude  
(ii) Merging work and play  
(iii) Adding more to everyone’s day  
(iv) Being there for them

This insightful philosophy can also be applied with ease in a classroom to make learning more effective. Teaching, since time begone, continues to be a noble profession. Whatever changes come with time, be it robots conducting classes or examinations, invigilating and correcting answer sheets, and even the rest; the role of teachers can never be replaced. Hence, teachers can opt for an attitude by leaving aside their personal problems and not bringing it in their interaction with the children. A teacher’s problem should not impact their students negatively. A teacher can elect to be energetic and committed to what they do. Incorporating play in day-to-day classroom activities will eliminate fear, turn boring tasks into fun, making the duration of a long class less monotonous, in turn aiding in establishing healthy relationships. A teacher can make a students’ day special by agreeing to their requests and including simple gesture of thoughtfulness and care while interacting with them.

They can demonstrate to the students that they are there for them by initiating conversations, listening actively, making eye contact, giving individual attention, and asking sincere questions to engage them better. Following the fish philosophy in class will help students and teachers be positive and inspire others to be positive and increase individual productivity. These principles will aid teachers with better ability to respond to crisis. All that is expected of a teacher is their choice to make the day great for themselves and their students as they enter work, and find new ways to have fun, stay focused, and make each day for your students better than the last.

Fish Philosophy - Explained

About 2 years ago, it was a real fish market, people shouting and fighting. And then we changed

The fish philosophy follows four core principles that leads to success professionally and interpersonally. The principles that transformed many businesses are- choosing the right attitude, approaching the task with fun, making the day best for others and being there to support others.

Time To Go Fishing

Make the day of your children and not for you

After all this while, teaching still continuous to be a noble profession. Robots may conduct classes, take examinations, invigilation or corrects answer sheet, but whatever may come the job of a teacher can never be replaced. Teachers are the reason behind whatever status or position one holds today and this profession will be respected forever.

The Ways of Fish Philosophy

Let us not make our lives about how long we live; it is how well we live that matters

Following the four principles of the fish philosophy will help one to be positive and inspire others, establish relationships, do various tasks efficiently and be better able to handle crisis. Such behavior will eventually lead to higher productivity and extraordinary success.

Keep Your Character Through Chocolates

You are kind and thoughtful, which generally the teachers are

Among the many things that could differentiate personalities, preference for chocolates is the least discussed. The four chocolates Bounty, Twix, Mars and Snickers define four different personality characteristics and a combination of the four.