The educational system has evolved dramatically in recent years, and as a result, the use of technology in education has grown in favour. And today, as the covid epidemic has imposed social separation, a rapid acceleration of developments in and technology of education has occurred, thus making online teaching the only alternative. Many educational experts believe that learning will never be the same as it was prior to the pandemic.

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the digitization of education, and many of the benefits of online, flipped classrooms, and blended learning are now being used and valued across the whole educational system. Although it may appear cynical, the pandemic has aided in the faster acceptance of these revolutionary teaching learning strategies, which meet some of the most critical characteristics of modern interactive education methodologies.

The pandemic has expedited the modernization of education, requiring students, instructors, and other educators to use, learn, and comprehend current education technologies/tools in the most efficient manner. Online education has evolved into a powerful instrument for transferring knowledge to pupils. To offer learning and knowledge to students, video conferencing technologies, video lecturers, webinars, and numerous documentary presentations are readily available online.

However, the new circumstance has revealed that kids from remote places and families with limited financial resources urgently require increased access to the technology essential for modern learning. It is now imperative that the government handle this issue on a war footing in order for these students to get access to these new technological tools and modern teaching methods.